Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering techniques can be used to development of biological repair strategies for musculoskeletal tissues. Current work in the laboratory is using a cell-based techniques with a biocompatible scaffold to grow engineered cartilage and nucleus pulposus tissues in the laboratory. The aim of this project is to develop functional tissues with similar biochemical and mechanical properties of the healthy tissue.

3D Bioprinting

Hydrogels have emerged as useful materials for cell based biological repair strategies. In the laboratory, we are investigating how a variety of hydrogels can be used or modified for 3D bioprinting and three-dimensional cell culture. The end goal is to create surfaces with strong mechanical properties and biocompatibility that will serve as tissue engineered cartilage.

Figure: Image of engineered construct created through addative manufacturing.

Construct junction 2-5_small
Figure: Image of of connected engineered constructs.

tibia plateau
Figure: 3D reconstruction of high resolution CT scan of a tibia plateau. Work performed in collaboration with Drs. Galateia Kazakia, PhD, and Benjamin Ma, MD, at UCSF.