2019 – 2020 MEng Project

Biological Hip Replacement

The Biological hip project is in its 3rd year. This year we are working with Dr. Alfred Kuo an a orthopaedic surgeon from University of California – San Francisco. The aim of this project is to use the finite element model developed by the 2017-2018 MEng group to evaluate stress concentrations from hip implants.

(Student:Ms. Wenqi Fan (MSE), Ms. Moriah Garcia (BioE), Ms. Bianca Riello (BioE), and Mr. Jeremy Wan (BioE))

Bianca Riello – Bianca is a current bioengineering M.Eng student at UC Berkeley with an undergraduate background in biomedical engineering as apart of the University of South Carolina Honors College and the University of Queensland, Australia. She is excited to be apart of the capstone team working with Dr. O’Connell and UCSF surgeons to further the design of a less-invasive hip implant. Bianca hopes to propel this experience into a career in medical devices, and in her free time she enjoys weight training, taking photos, and writing poetry.

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